A "tongue in cheek" blog title for the experience that I will share about the all too quiet brown recluse spider who "attacked" and then defended itself to the death. Here is my day-by-day account of the fiddleback's tiny little parting gift that continues to unfold under my skin.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day Two: 6/7/11

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 is day 2.

Pain is moderate. Severe at times. Shooting sensations accompanied by muscle cramps and spasms are frequent and followed by a seemingly constant throbbing pain. These new symptoms are making walking difficult.

I never take Lortab, because I hate the way it makes me feel, but I am well into the itchy phase of this first pill and can still clearly feel the locked down cramps in my hamstring.

The red, swollen bullseye is rather hot to the touch. The bite site is nowhere near as itchy as it was yesterday. It is too painful to touch, so I dare not itch it. The redness and swelling has spread out a great deal, from a quarter size yesterday morning to what appears to be larger that a slice of bread.

I have developed some sort of rash on my right leg also and it spreads out from the bite site diminishing towards my foot. When I sit down or inadvertently apply pressure to site, it feels like there's a bouncy ball under my skin. But to the touch, it is soft and squishy. I'm guessing white blood cells? I don't want to know what's happening under there and I hope that the skin does not become gangrenous and necrotic.

Picture follows....


  1. OUCH!! Hope your healing is uneventful take it easy and if ya need anything let me know.

  2. it is bigger than before... ouchie