A "tongue in cheek" blog title for the experience that I will share about the all too quiet brown recluse spider who "attacked" and then defended itself to the death. Here is my day-by-day account of the fiddleback's tiny little parting gift that continues to unfold under my skin.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day Six: 6/11/11

It's day six and this morning I was feeling great! So great that I met up with some friends this morning, did some stuff around the house this afternoon, cooked a nice dinner, and then ambitiously went grocery shopping this evening with my 2-year-old and now I am completely exhausted. My leg that was feeling great is now achy again. Dang it!! I definitely over did it. So I'm hitting the rack, but not before sharing a couple pics. ;)

I trace the border of the bullseye, because I'm curious how much it's spreading daily. We thought that we could also see some possible bluish coloring in the inner darker circle. So, anyhow...these were both taken moments apart tonight, one just has the border defined. It's sharpie fiddleback art!

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